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How do you choose a good web host? Is bandwidth and disk storage important? What hosting service should you use? In this blog we will give you the answers along with 6 points on how to choose the right web hosting provider and service.

rmw-mascott-confusedHow to choose a web hosting provider and service?

– Recognise your hosting needs.
– Review web host package options.
– Check the host supplies an up-time guarantee.
– Hosting should provide cpanel or similar access.

Check all hosting features (such as disk storage available based on your needs. Ask about prices on both signup and renewal.)
To find out more regarding your server usage policy check your hosting provider’s Terms of Use and other supporting features such as automated site back-ups and additional security.


Recognise Your Requirements

Without recognising what you require you may never find the correct hosting provider. So just put everything down and go no further (even this blog you are reading!) and carefully think about one’s needs! And if you are struggling with knowing what you need just call a friendly hosting provider (like us!) who can point you in the right direction!



– What type of website do you need (Brochure, Ecommerce, Membership website etc.)?
– Do you want to build the site yourself or have the website developed for you?
– Will you require a secure area on your website (SSL)?
– Do you need FTP access?
– Do you need a domain name?
– How much web traffic do you expect?


If you are a newcomer…

To start off the best option will be cloud based, shared hosting as it is a sufficient, simple to manage and cheap option.

What To Search For In A Web Host Provider?


reliability-icon31) Reliability

Having a web host operating twenty four hours a day, seven days a weeks is crucial. Reliable network connections and servers is what you need! A guarantee below 99% should not be accepted, 99.5% guarantee and higher is the recommended up-time score.


upgrade-icon22) Upgrading Options

Shared web hosts are not only the popular option but very impressive.
For instance, a shared hosting account will have the ability to support a fully optimized WordPress blog with 50,000 – 60,000 monthly hits!


If the traffic to your site is over 100,000 visits a month you should consider choosing a different type of hosting, from shared to virtual private or a dedicated server. This will give you more memory allowance, disk space and dedicated bandwidth.


cloudbackup-icon-23) Site Backup

Sites do crash at times! Maybe your WordPress blog has been hacked and your index.php file has been replaced, your whole site got wiped, or the server had a severe hard disk failure.
Well you will have nothing to worry about providing your web host does regular site backups when these things happen. The correct web host will be able to get the majority if not the full site restored in a matter of hours.

Questions to ask your web host provider:

– Do you perform regular site backups?
– Is it easy to view and control my backups using the control panel?
– Is there a cost involved in restoring your backups?

The best web hosting providers, like us, will include automatic daily backups of your site as standard meaning you never have to worry about losing valuable data!


domain-names-icon24) Website Domains

Domain names can be inexpensive! So inexpensive sometimes that resisting to own just one is impossible! According to a web hosting survey 80% of the hold more than 5 domains and more than 20% of the voters hold more than 50!

That is why it is crucial to have a web hosting account that offers multiple domains and not sign up with a web host that only allows one domain. You need that extra hosting space guys! So make it a must when checking on domain capacity.


renewals-icon25) Signup Cost vs Costly Renewals

Hosting providers offering shared hosting especially are normally selling extremely cheap sign up charges but hit you with a costly renewal fee. It is very common within this industry!

Unless you are thinking of moving your domain every two or three years you are going to get hit with these renewal costs. And as easy as that sounds, it can be an extremely long process, especially if the website transfers are not smooth and inherit complications.

To avoid any nasty shocks or surprises you should check the Terms of Services with your host provider. Or find a hosting package with no renewal fees.


no-contract-required26) Refund Policy & Long Contracts

There are a few questions you should ask:

– Is there cancellation fees?
– What refund policy does your hosting provider have?
– Should you cancel before your trial ends?


Should you sign up with a web hosting provider that offers long contracts?

Our answer is absolutely not. Never sign up for a long period unless there are transparent money back guarantees!

Maybe you’re just starting a new business idea and you’re testing the waters?

It is crucial to determine what your hosting provider offers and how they deal with refunds so you do not get any surprises.Some hosting providers charge ridiculous cancellation charges when you want to cancel. It is important that you do not use these providers whatsoever!

You want a friendly hosting company that will be happy to refund you for unused services, at the end of the day that is only fair, ey? You can even find a web host provider that will offer you a rolling contract, no yearly signup costs, cancellation charges or hidden fees. ( that’s how we like to treat our customers at RMW Consultants!).

And there you have it! Our top 6 things you should look for in the right Web Host Provider.

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Thanks for reading guys! And good luck on your journey with web hosting!

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