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Deciding if responsive website design is right and essential for your business can be difficult, you may not know anything about these new features and how they can benefit you.

In this post we give you a few tips and facts in order to for you to see how important it is for you have a responsive website.

Definition of Responsive Web Design:

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the device one is viewing with.

How to Test For Responsive Design:

Testing if your website is responsive is very easy! All you have to do is minimize your browser, make it full height and drag the sides in and out. If your website is not responsive you are going to see scrolls bars on the bottom of your page and all images and animations are going to remain the same size making it difficult for viewers. If your website is responsive! you will see the images, buttons, animations and content react to fit the screen size you have selected.

First Fact: More than 50% of people surf the internet on their mobile phones.

We understand why the majority of people are constantly searching on the internet or checking their emails and notifications. Unlimited mobile data plans are cheap and Wifi is nearly everywhere you go! We need our phones these days especially for business.
Google’s test shows that more people are using their mobile phone devices to search the internet than they are on their desktop computer.
This is why is means so much for a lot of business owners to have a responsive website built for them! It widens the scope for new business and gives them a whole new power source to creating new leads and sales for their growing project.

Second Fact: Google Loves responsive sites!

In 2015 Google established mobile-friendliness as a factor to rank your website!

Studies have been done by WebMoov on 1,000 significant e-commerce keywords in many different fields of profession and the percentages show just how crucial mobile friendly, responsive websites are!

– 83% of the number one in google search listings are mobile friendly.
– 81% of the first five in google search listings are mobile-friendly.
– 77% of first page on google search listings are mobile-friendly.


Its no wonder why non responsive websites are not ranking at the top on the major search engines. It is vital to have a fully optimized responsive website so please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Third Fact: Your Competition.

It’s clear to see that responsive mobile websites dominate within the more competitive industries. Doing your research is key!

View Your Traffic Breakdown:

As a startup or small business it is hard to know where to focus your budget! Here we show how crucial it is to have a responsive site!
Keeping updated with your Google Analytics records and seeing how many people are using theirs mobiles or tablets to view your website over the amount of people viewing on their laptop or PC.

Research Your Competitors:

Upgrading your site could become vital in keeping ahead of your competitors, research your competition to see if their websites are fully responsive! If your research proves to show most of your competitors have got fully responsive websites then maybe it is time for you to get work started on yours.

Fourth Fact: User Experience is Key!

Doesn’t it annoy you when you go onto a website using your mobile phone or tablet device and you find yourself trying to select the correct links as they are so small and zooming in and out to view images and read content.

Whether you have a brochure website or many functionalities and features on your website it is essential to have a fully optimized sight, at the end of the day your website is one of your biggest tools for marketing.

You will find that becoming fully optimized will result in an increase of customers re-visiting your site as they enjoyed their experience so much!

Fifth Fact: Don’t Leave It Until The End.

It’s becoming more popular for website designers and developers to think about user experience on mobile devices and tablets rather than on a laptop or PC.

This is why it is very important for designers to focus on the design of your website with this in mind at the beginning of your project.If your are starting up and new business or wanting to update your current company’s website it is important to work with a website design and development company who will ensure your website is looking and functioning at its best!

At the end of the day I cannot see technology reverting back to how it once was. Where internet was not even accessible on mobiles or when mobiles were not even invented! Technology will only get better.

If you are considering getting your website upgraded to becoming mobile friendly and fully responsive we would be more than happy to provide you with design advice to help you get closer to your dream website. Or view our Website Development Packages!

If you don’t need your website upgraded but you know someone who does, please share this post to give them a helping hand!

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